Maitland Hospital Cleaning Duties

Maitland Hospital cleaning members recently contacted your HSU Organiser to highlight concerns clinical waste removal and the handling of air mattresses. Members requested some clarification around these duties.

The HSU listened to our members and contacted management to seek a response. You can view the HSU’s email to management here.

Management have responded with the information below:

  • Removing clinical waste garbage bags falls within HAG2 duties, i.e. replacing the bag and placing it in the 660L bins as needed. Waste is then removed via the Garbage Bin for collection.
  • Anatomical waste is handled by clinical staff and HS Waste collectors remove the Anatomical waste Bin.
  • Air Mattress – We are still seeking clarification in relation to the inconsistencies between Sites. Further information will be provided.
  • An SWP is being updated as an action from the ICAM.

If you have any concerns or feedback regarding this response, please contact your HSU Organiser Tracey Gaddelin at [E-Mail not displayed].

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