Management refuse to consult on ADOs in Food Services & Sterilising

The HSU has been informed by Food and Sterilising Services management at Canberra Hospital that they are phasing out Accrued Days Off (ADOs) for newly advertised full time positions.

However, management have refused to consult despite repeated requests from the HSU.

The HSU believes that this is change that will impact ALL Food and Sterilising Services workers in many negative ways.

If you want to apply for a different job in Food Services and Sterilising, you will lose your ADOs!

If you choose to progress your career in Food Services and Sterilising, you will lose your ADOs!

If you want work-life balance in Food Services and Sterilising, you will not be able to have this!

This will have impacts on rostering! You will have to work more shifts!

This will affect your workload in a negative way!

This is a major change, but management wants to push this through quietly without asking for your opinion about this change.

The HSU wants you to have a say by taking a brief survey. Click here to access the survey.

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