McLean Care: Have your say on changes to the Return to Work policy

The HSU is seeking your feedback on a proposed change to the Mclean Care Return to Work (RTW) program. The proposed updated policy can be viewed at this link.

Please provide your feedback to your local organiser Karen Wiles at email [E-Mail not displayed] before close of business Thursday 1 December 2022.

One major change is the creation of an internal Return to Work Coordinator rather than using an external third party.

Other changes include:

Page 5 – Management have removed reference to a timeframe before termination can occur “due to QLD and NSW having different legislation and the best practice for compliance to refer directly to legislation” (see updated section below).

Managing the Dismissal of an Injured Worker

If, after a reasonable period of time, a worker is unable to perform productive work of a kind which is normally available with McLean Care or find alternative work, medical retirement or termination of employment will be considered.

Termination of an injured worker may occur if the worker is unable to demonstrate that they are able to undertake the inherent requirements of their role in the foreseen future. Any action to dismiss an employee on medical grounds will be done so, in accordance with the relevant state legislation.

If McLean Care dismisses a worker because of a work-related injury at any stage in the claim the worker may apply to be reinstated. If the employer then replaces the worker within 2 years of dismissing them, the employer must inform the replacement worker that the dismissed worker may be entitled to be reinstated in the role.

Page 6 – Updated WIRO to IRO – updated the website and regulatory body reference appropriately.

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