Medication Administration at WACF: Know Your Rights

Care workers at Windermere have raised serious concerns about being directed to administer medications by registered nurses. Members expressed their concerns about the increased workload as a result of this practice as well.

Your local organiser Hyojung Kim first contacted the facility manager of WACF on 27 July 2021, who has confirmed in writing that “administrating prescribed medication is RN or trained medication nurse task only” on 10 August 2021.

Below are the points made to the facility manager via email, which she agreed on:

  1. Administering prescribed medication is the responsibility and duties of AINs or PCWs who: are required by the employer in writing to administer medication; AND have received relevant training; AND have agreed in writing to administer medication.  
  2. AINs or PCWs who are not receiving medication allowance do not administer medication allowance according to cl. 22.21 of your Agreement.
  3. RNs cannot make an arbitrary order for AIN or PCW to administer any type of -especially prescribed- medication.

I trust that, as advised by the facility manager, the issue was made an agenda item on the same day at the staff meeting with the presence of care workers and RNs on site.

This is a great outcome from members’ efforts to resolve issues at the workplace level.

Thank you for standing up for your rights and working as an essential health worker during this difficult time. If you feel unsafe or have any concerns at your workplace, do not hesitate to contact your local organiser or the HSU aged care team at [E-Mail not displayed] or 1300 478 679.

If you know someone who is not yet a member, tell them to join the HSU via phone or online at We are stronger when we stand together.