Members win at Jessie Hunt & Robert Young

Every worker has the right to be consulted on any major change such as rostering. Genuine consultation is a process. It isn’t just being told what to do.

Health Services Union members at Robert Young and Jessie Hunt aged care facilities were quick to react after being told to ‘upgrade your mobile phone, use the Human Force App to enter timesheets, or don’t get paid!’ 

Clarification was sought and subsequently that statement has been retracted. Management have apologised for their poor communication and consultative style.

Your local organiser Karen Wiles also met with senior management on behalf of members. As a direct result of that intervention, members have now received a URL so that they can enter timesheets on any computer. For your reference, this URL is

Members also still have the option of continuing to use the existing ‘paper system’ for timesheets and rosters. Management have now also agreed to arrange onsite IT training for staff who wish to use the new technology.

This is a great win for members who stood up for each other to ensure their rights to consultation. Congratulations!

If you know someone who isn’t a member, let them know about this HSU members’ win. This is what it means to be union. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.