Metro members overwhelmingly reject ill-conceived staff movements: bans in effect

  • Published November 12, 2021
  • Industries

Metro ADHSU Members have voted near unanimously: 96% reject the out-of-control staffing movements occurring between Sectors as part of NSWA’s response to being required to fill PAR (Planned Ambulance Rosters). This reflects the fact PAR was never consulted on or agreed to by ADHSU delegates. NSWA seems to have capitalised on the COVID crisis in implementing a Divisional staffing model.

Effective immediately from first shift 17:45 Friday 12 November, 2021:

No ADHSU member will be deployed for the shift across a Sector boundary (or between North Sydney and the Central Coast). Note this ban does not apply to fluid deployment for operational coverage.

Metro ADHSU acknowledges that the Central Coast is a separate deployment area to North Sydney, despite being the same Sector as they are geographically isolated. This is in line with the previous agreed position.

If asked to perform such a staff movement, respectfully decline, citing ADHSU ‘Sydney and Central Coast bans on cross-sector staff movements’.

ADHSU maintains the long-standing ban on any staff movement greater than 60 mins from commencement of shift, in line with the IRC recommendation made by Commissioner Murphy on Monday 10 May 2021. We also note point 2 of the recommendation:

2. That as an immediate step, New South Wales Ambulance maintain, including through the use of overtime, its core roster outputs (planned ambulance rosters) on a station by station basis, that is that zone operating levels be raised to the level of planned operating rosters so that there is no zone operating level/planned ambulance roster gap for any station.

In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD