Moran recommences EA bargaining after 2022 hold up

Dear Member, 

Moran have recommenced negotiations to replace your expired enterprise agreement. This comes after your employer commenced bargaining in late 2022, but then put negotiations on hold. 

What is an enterprise agreement, and what is bargaining?

Your enterprise agreement sets out your pay and conditions at work and it governs all your entitlements, including access to leave, your rostering arrangements, when Moran must consult with you, and of course your rates of pay and any pay increases.

If you’re an HSU member, you’ll be represented by the HSU bargaining team. Your HSU bargaining team is made up of HSU members who work at Moran and is supported by the union’s industrial officers.

If you’re not an HSU member yet, join now to support our campaign for better pay and conditions at Moran.

HSU members tabled a log of claims earlier in this process, which is a list of improvement for wages and conditions in a new EA. HSU members tabled a log of claims earlier in this process, but a long time has passed since then so a fresh approach will be taken.

Click here to have your say on top priorities for the new agreement!

At our annual conference last year, HSU delegates from across NSW, ACT and QLD set key priorities for the Aged Care sector. These priorities focus on:

  1. Fair Pay at Work
  2. A More Democratic Workplace
  3. A Safer Workplace
  4. Supporting Career Development

View the full sector priorities here.

These priorities, along with your priorities from the survey, will form our HSU log of claims.

All HSU members will be updated as the negotiations progress. If your colleagues are not yet HSU members, encourage them to join today at and have their say in the union log of claims.

Questions? Please contact your HSU workplace delegate or call 1300 478 679