National Capital Private Hospital EBA Update

The HSU has now formulated its Log of Claims for the new National Capital Private Hospital Non-Clinical and Allied Health Agreement using the information provided in workplace surveys and discussions with members. The Log of Claims will be presented to the employer at a meeting next Friday.

The claims are as follows:

1.    Wages

  • 5% increase to all wages and allowances per annum.

2.    Allowances

  • Nauseous linen allowance for any occasion a worker comes into contact with dirty linen.
  • Allied Health Training Allowance – when supervising students.
  • Infectious Cleaning Allowance.

3.    Training and development

  • Professional development commitment for Allied Health which matches that of the Nurses Agreement.
  • Security training for wardspersons. 

4.    General

  • Introduction of a clause dealing with workload management and outlining procedures to deal with instances of excessive workload.
  • WHS commitment clause.
  • Stronger rostering principles clause.  

5.    Classification Structure

  • Either a separate classification for Theatre Orderlies or clarification that Theatre Orderlies are appropriately classified as Level 3 PSO.

If you would like to see something changed in the Agreement that has not been mentioned above, please get in contact with your HSU Organiser or workplace delegate.

Effective negotiations depend on workplace organisation and having an open dialogue with your colleagues about improving their working conditions and wages. If you know someone who isn’t a member, please explain to them the importance being in the Union. New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.

If you have any queries regarding the bargaining process or wish to be more involved, please contact your HSU Organiser Patrick Craven at [E-Mail not displayed].