HSU WIN: Extra Cleaning Hours for Theatres at Belmont Hospital

Recently Belmont Hospital redesigned the theatres at Belmont Hospital and added a 4th operating theatre. It is expected to be operational in mid to late January 2021. 

The HSU and delegates have been and continue to be involved in discussions with management and Workforce regarding staffing required and to address our members concerns.

As part of these discussions it was identified by our members that there was a need to increase the cleaning hours by HealthShare to ensure the extra work needed could be covered. 

A trial of an additional 2 hours in the evening  was commenced back in November. The feedback from executive management is that they feel the allocation of resources is positive and meets the cleaning demands. The trial will now remain in place until the end of the financial year at which time it will be assessed to remain a permanent additional need. 

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In Unity, 

Gerard Hayes