NNSWLHD Switchboard Gradings Update

Dear Member,

The HSU has written to Northern NSW LHD to advise that switchboard staff are, in the opinion of the HSU, incorrectly graded as Admin Officer Level 3 rather than Telephonist Level 3.

The Union has sought to meet with the LHD so we could work through the reasons for the grading and set to work changing staff to the correct grading.

Unfortunately, the LHD has made the decision not to meet before they issue a formal response to the issue, despite further correspondence from the HSU asking for a meeting.

The question needs to be asked, how can the LHD make an informed response to this issue without meeting with your union and allowing us to prosecute the argument as why members are incorrectly graded?

This issue can simply be fixed by the LHD agreeing to meet with the HSU. Your HSU representatives will continue to press the case for members.

We can only make industrial arguments with strong union membership. If you know someone who is affected but isn’t yet a member of the Union, encourage them to join today. New members should join online here or call 1300 478 679.