Northcott Bargaining Update: It's getting to the pointy end!

As you know, your Enterprise Agreement has been in negotiation over the last eight months. Today, we are another step closer to finalising your new Northcott Enterprise Agreement.

Much has happened over that period and you can read more about improvements that have been negotiated here

The Money

Though the offer in relation to wages is still to be agreed, there has been some movement:

Support Workers Level 2 (non-transferred)

Your HSU Bargaining Team have negotiated a 7.5% pay increase ($2 per hour increase) for all Support Workers Level 2 who are currently covered under the expired agreement.  This is an incredible achievement from your HSU Bargaining Team who have worked tirelessly to improve the wages of some of Northcott’s lowest paid workers.

From 1st of July 2022, any percentage increase determined by the Annual Wage Case will be passed on.

All Non-Support Worker Classifications
(Allied Health, Support/Service & ECEI Coordination, FLW Supervisors, Administration, Quality & Safeguarding, Area/Service Managers)

Members who are not on Support Worker classifications haven't had a fair pay increase for many years. As previously reported, your HSU Bargaining Team had negotiated a series of wage increases:

  • A 2% increase following approval of this Agreement.
  • A 2% increase on the 1st of July 2021.
  • Pass on any percentage increase determined by the Annual Wage Case from the 1st of July 2022.

Though we are at the pointy end of bargaining, there still is no firm date for your new Agreement to go out to a vote. In response the HSU have now called on Northcott to pass on your pay increase in the next pay cycle. Northcott have committed to assess the request and will inform members of their decision this week. 

Support Workers on the CLA (transferred)

The offer to the transferred workforce remains unchanged:

  • Salary maintenance until February 2021
  • All DSW Level 4+ employees to maintain an hourly rate of $30.95 for the life of the Agreement
  • Salary Packaging to be introduced
  • Pass on any percentage increase determined by the Annual Wage Case from the 1st of July 2022

Your HSU Bargaining Team has looked at the classification structure as another avenue for securing a better outcome for transferred employees, so that fundamentally no one is worse off. These discussions continue.

Next Steps 

Northcott management have indicated their preference to put the Enterprise Agreement out to vote by the end of the year. This may mean you will soon have a vote on whether to accept the new Agreement. Should a majority vote 'Yes', the Agreement will come into effect once approved by the Fair Work Commission. 

However, there is still uncertainty about the timeframe and outcome of negotiations, especially when your pay is on the line! 

If you have any questions about your draft Enterprise Agreement or what is being negotiated, please email your HSU Organiser Thomas Gao via [E-Mail not displayed] or your Industrial Officer Ed Yap via [E-Mail not displayed]

We are stronger when we are working together! 

Many of you know that your HSU Bargaining Team, made up of your colleagues, have been tirelessly working to negotiate improvements to your pay and conditions. They are: Ann Marie Dzonlagic, Grace Curgenven, Kim Watts, Lesley Ann Smith, Melanie James, Tordis Bulger and Tracy Martin. 

Your HSU Bargaining Team have only been able to do their job with your support at their back. The more members in the union, the stronger our negotiating power!

If you know of a colleague who is grateful of the many improvements that have been negotiated, but hasn’t yet joined the HSU, encourage them to take the plunge today! They can join online at or by calling 1300 478 679.