Northcott – rosters, hours and more

HSU members at Northcott have contacted the union recently with questions about:

  • Rosters
  • Changing rosters and hours of work
  • Changing Contract Hours
  • Working on Public Holidays 

These questions are relevant to many members, so the HSU has produced the below brief summary on each of these topics. 

If you have any questions or need further information about any of the below, or any other individual workplace matter, please contact HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679.


Does my roster need to be provided to me?

If you are a shift worker, and work to a roster, then your rostered hours of work need to be displayed in a place that is conveniently accessible to you. 

How far in advance should I get my roster?

Your roster should be displayed four weeks, or at least one week, prior to the date of the first working period of your roster.

I’m Casual, should I be provided a roster?

Your employer does not have to display a roster for casual staff.

For further information or support about rosters, please contact HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679.

Changing your roster or your ordinary hours of work

Can my roster be changed?

Yes, your roster may be altered at any time for the purpose of:

  • Enabling the service delivery to be carried on.
  • Filling a shift where another employee is off work with an illness or in an emergency.

If you are rostered on to fill a shift on a day which would have been your rostered day off, you will be paid overtime rates for the time you work. 

Wherever practicable, the offer of additional hours or shifts will made to part-time employees in the first instance.

Should I be consulted about changes to my roster or my ordinary hours of work?

Yes. Your employer MUST consult with you and any other impacted employees, about any proposed change to your regular roster or your ordinary hours of work.

For further information or support about changes to your roster or hours of work, please contact HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679.

I’m a Part Time Employee, Can My Contract Hours Be Changed?

What Are Contract Hours? 

When you were employed you should have been provided with, and agreed to:

  • a guaranteed minimum number of hours you will work each week, and
  • information about how you will work those hours.

These are your Contract Hours.

Changing Your Contract Hours:

If you or your employer want to change your Contract Hours:

  • Consultation between you and your employer must occur;
  • Any change to your Contract Hours can only happen by agreement; and
  • There must be a written record of the agreed change

Can I work more than my Contract Hours?

Yes. If you are a part time employee you may agree to work more than your Contract Hours. 

What if I’m regularly working more hours than my Contract Hours?

If you are regularly working more hours than your guaranteed minimum Contract Hours then you can request, in writing, to review the hours you work. 

You are entitled to request a review of your hours of work annually.  Following the review your Contract Hours may be adjusted to reflect the hours you regularly work.  

For further information or support about changes to your Contract Hours, please contact HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679.

Public Holidays

Your Enterprise Agreement states that “All employees (except casuals) shall be entitled to be absent from work on public holidays on full pay.”

Allowance for working on a Public Holiday

If you’re required to work on a Public Holiday and you do work on a Public Holiday, whether it’s for a full shift or not, you will be paid:

  • Your ordinary pay, PLUS
  • An allowance of 150% (time and half) for the hours you work.

I’m rostered on to work a Public Holiday, but I’ve been told I’m not needed at work that day

If a Public Holiday falls on a normal working day as part of your roster, and your employer directs you not to work that day, then you will be paid 150% (time and half) for that public holiday.

Your employer can direct staff not to attend work on a Public Holiday, however this should be rotated among staff, with an aim to provide all shift workers the opportunity to work an equal number of public holidays during the year.

For further information or support about Public Holiday please contact HSU Member Services on 1300 478 679.

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In unity,

Gerard Hayes

Secretary, HSU NSW/ACT/QLD