NPT HSU members kick off EBA process

  • Published November 11, 2020
  • Industries

Survey here:

There has been much discussion over the past 12 months about commencing bargaining with NPT to fight for fair pay and conditions.

To find out more about Enterprise Agreements and the steps HSU members must take to bargain for fair pay and conditions, follow this link.

The only way HSU members will win fair pay and conditions is to stand together and show NPT you will no longer accept substandard pay and conditions.

Democracy is vital in the EBA process and it’s time for members to endorse the log of claims and have their say on how you feel about each claim.

Follow the link to see the detailed log of claims your EBA committee have developed.

It is now time to have your say via this survey.

Don’t forget to talk about the EBA at your depot and ask people to join HSU to increase the power to win fair pay and conditions at NPT.

Contact your delegate or organiser if you have any further questions.