NSW Health Nauseous Linen Update

In January 2020, NSW Health attempted to introduce a fact sheet concerning the payment of the Nauseous Linen allowance under your Award.

This fact sheet sought to strip the payment of the allowance from thousands of members who regularly handle nauseous linen.

NSW Health claimed that the allowance would not be paid to workers who regularly handle nauseous linen as part of their role. This is incorrect.

The HSU immediately took this matter to the Industrial Relations Commission where, over a series of hearings, the HSU has protected your entitlement.

The fact sheet at this link reflects the Award entitlement and removes any of the additional qualifiers and exclusions sought by NSW Health.

For clarity, under the Award, you are entitled to claim the nauseous linen allowance if you handle linen of a nauseous linen not in a sealed bag. The allowance is payable if you handle the nauseous linen once or a thousand times per day.

To claim the allowance, first approach your manager to confirm you will receive payment prior to handling any nauseous linen.

If you have been informed of a change to your payment of Nauseous Linen allowance, please contact your local HSU Organiser or call the HSU on 1300 478 679.

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