Patient Transport Officers Award Negotiations: Industrial Action Update

This Tuesday, the Ministry of Health called for a hearing in the Industrial Relations Commission in response to HSU PTO members’ intention to action the trigger bans as negotiations continue to drag on.

Coming out of the IRC meeting, the Commissioner gave the HSU PTO membership the following recommendations:

  1. That the HSU and its members cease engaging in industrial action and, to the extent that industrial action is threatened, not take that industrial action.
  2. That the parties enter into conciliation conducted by the Commission with a view to reaching agreement on the matters arising from the HSU’s log of claims which are currently not agreed excluding any salary or wages claims. For the avoidance of doubt, this recommendation does not require the parties to engage in mutual gains bargaining within the meaning of Ch 2A of the Industrial Relations Act.
  3. Subject to the first two recommendations being accepted, that the parties reflect on their current positions with a view to determining what modifications to their positions might be made that would facilitate the parties negotiating a conciliated resolution.

HSU Patient Transport Officer delegates convened shortly after the meeting to discuss the outcome and were resolved to take the discussion to the general membership to determine the next course of action.

A stop work meeting was held with the HSU PTO membership today to consider the IRC recommendations. Out of those who attended, 84% voted in favour of engaging with the IRC processes with the option to take action at a later time.

Between HSU members’ strength and the significance of the service they provide to the community, HealthShare and the Ministry are right to be concerned when workers decide to fight back. HSU PTO members continue to show solidarity and resolve as they fight for real changes in their working conditions through their new award.