Peak Hospital Security Meeting

As members are no doubt aware, the Anderson Interim Report Improvements to Security in Hospitals was released in February 2019. Since this time, the HSU has continually pushed for the release of the Anderson Final Report in order to pursue positive change for security in NSW Hospitals. Despite this fact, the Final Report has still not been released.

In the absence of the Anderson Final Report, the Union has continued to push for better security in hospitals with increased legislative powers and protections for security staff, with a greater emphasis on a proactive security model. 

This push has resulted in the establishment of a Peak Hospital Security Meeting between the HSU, the Minister for Health and Ministry officials, to be held on 25 November 2020.

The HSU views this meeting as an opportunity to agitate for changes that can deliver the best possible security model for NSW Hospitals.

Members will be updated with outcomes from this meeting.

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