Proposed trial of electronic sign on for Liverpool Ward Clerks & CSOs

HSU members have questioned Liverpool Hospital management about the introduction of electronic sign on and off for Ward Clerks and CSOs.

Of significant concern is the additional time needed to reach the ward from sign in and sign off, something management has downplayed.

You can read management’s correspondence below:

“Time taken to walk to the ward after swipe-in and time taken to walk to the swipe point to swipe-out at the end of shift will be counted as worked time. The estimated time to walk to the swipe point from any of the hospital entrances is less than five minutes.

Any delay caused by queuing will be assessed during the initial trial and consideration of additional check-in points may be set up, if necessary”.

The HSU is still advocating for at least 10 mins work time for the time to and from the ward to sign in / sign off. The additional time added to work needs to be recognised by management for a fair resolution to be reached.

Management have also agreed to provide a report, upon request, which checks your timesheet to ensure no member will be worse off from the change. This information will be collected over a trial period. If you notice any variation between the report and your sign in and sign out times, or if you have any concerns about work health and safety, please contact your HSU delegate or organiser.

The HSU has also asked for a feedback meeting at the end of the trial period.

You can reach your HSU organiser Rocky (Parthiv Mehta) on [E-Mail not displayed] or 0400 847 365.