Public Health Campaign Update & Position Paper

Dear Sub Branch members, Workplace Delegates and Campaign Activists,

The campaign to end the unfair wages policy and fix the Awards is stepping up!

As part of our campaign strategy, it’s vital that we clearly articulate what needs to be fixed – both to the Government and to the community.

We need to point out the problems, but also the solutions. What needs to change specifically? And why is it good for the health system and the people of NSW?

It is also important to articulate, on behalf of the workers across the sector, what we are fighting for. Winning this campaign will have an enormous and long-lasting impact on the workforce and the health system.

Based on feedback from almost 7000 HSU members and countless conversations with delegates and activists, we have developed a position paper which you can read at this link.

This is a draft document and we need your feedback. Please email your feedback to [E-Mail not displayed] by close of business Wednesday November 25.

When providing your feedback, I encourage you to consider:

Is this the list that you and your workmates are willing to campaign for?

Are there other points that should be included?

If you are happy with the list, which parts are most important to you and your workmates?

Once feedback has been provided, all HSU public health members will have a chance to endorse this list before it goes to NSW Government in early 2021.

We want to drag the Government to the bargaining table to fix your Awards, once and for all. Once we’ve won that battle, the formal part of the process will commence with further member/delegate involvement.

Next Campaign Briefing

The next campaign briefing will occur on 3 December 2020 at 3:30pm. 

You can participate in the briefing by clicking on this link:

Or by phoning 02 8015 6011 and entering meeting ID 948 4833 2113.

We must keep up momentum, and that means continuing to educate fellow staff and discuss the broken Wages Policy and Award system. Talk to your colleagues and encourage them to join the HSU today online at or phone 1300 478 679.