Public Health Campaign Workshops

Dear Sub Branch members, Workplace Delegates and Campaign Activists,

You are invited to participate in a 2 hour workshop to provide input and feedback on the final document that we put to government about what needs to be changed in the Awards and the current Wages Policy.

This document is basically the last say on what HSU members think needs to be fixed for a better health system and a fairer, safer workplace. It will be one of the most important documents developed by the HSU in the last 10 years, and it is vital we get it right.

These workshops will be informed by the recent member survey that attracted over 6,000 responses from HSU members.

The workshops will take place via Zoom.

To RSVP, please click on the below link:

Please note that elected union delegates/sub branch committee members may have the opportunity to participate in work time. To discuss further, please consult your local organiser.

The workshops have been structured around different Awards/Classifications and the number of members who have expressed an interest to participate so far. There is some flexibility around these, so if there aren’t times or workshops that suit you, please let us know.

There also may be an opportunity to deliver the workshops at a workplace level where there are a group of HSU members interested in participating. Please email [E-Mail not displayed] with any suggestions.  

It is very important we continue to educate fellow staff and discuss the broken Wages Policy and Award system. Talk to your colleagues and encourage them to join the HSU today online at or phone 1300 478 679.