Real Thanks Means a 25 % Payrise

Join tonight’s THANK YOU DAY meeting at 6.30pm tonight here.

Today I want to thank you.

I want to thank you for 18 months on the frontline of this pandemic.

I want to thank you for the care you provide to the most vulnerable in the community.

Today across the country we celebrate AGED CARE THANK YOU DAY, created by union members years ago as a day to acknowledge you and your colleagues, the dedication and professionalism you bring to one of the hardest jobs going.

But today is also about knowing that real thanks means paying you properly for the work you do. It means a 25% wage increase for all workers.

Tonight, aged care workers will come together this evening to celebrate each other and the work you all do. We will hear messages of support from the community. But we will also be talking about how we make the Federal Government and aged care employers come to the table on our Fight for 25.

If you can’t make it tonight but want to send your message of support you can email [E-Mail not displayed].

Selfies are also encouraged!

Gerard Hayes