Rostering in NSW Health Pathology

Following HSU representations, NSW Health Pathology have agreed to set up a sub-committee with a view to support and ensure adoption of rostering best practice across the Organisation.

Rostering is an important issue that has gained even more attention with the demands of COVID-19 on Pathology workers. It is the type of issue that can have significant impacts on health and family/caring responsibilities. It affects all aspects of life.

The HSU exists to represent the views of HSU members. If you have any suggestions or concerns around rostering practices in pathology, please email [E-Mail not displayed].

Best practice in rostering covers a broad range of possibilities, and we believe everyone should be striving to achieve the best possible outcomes for both the business operation and staff experience.

So far, five HSU members who work for NSW Health Pathology have nominated to be on the sub-committee. Please email to the above address if you would also like to be involved in the sub-committee.

We can only represent the views of HSU members during any consultation process. Encourage your workmates to join today at or phone 1300 478 679.