RPA Social Workers still awaiting response from management

Back in July of this year, following concerns raised by Social Workers at RPA, your HSU Organiser Melissa Kelly made steps to address the toxic culture that has pervaded the department.

As requested by members in the Social Work department, an HSU survey was distributed, and the results made for concerning reading.

On the 20th of October, your HSU Organiser wrote to management, requesting an urgent meeting to address these concerns and to propose resolutions.

We made it clear that these are very serious concerns and have significantly impacted morale in the department.

Disappointingly, we are still awaiting a response from management. It would appear that these concerns are not a strong priority for them.

Consequently, your HSU Organiser will be in touch over the next week to discuss the next course of action. If management are not prepared to listen to members’ concerns, we must consider how we can make them take notice.

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