SDPR Implementation Authority and what it means for eHealth

At a meeting today between the HSU and SDPR Implementation Authority leadership, it was confirmed that the SDPR Implementation Authority is a legally distinct entity from eHealth NSW.

Management also confirmed that it is their medium-term goal to transition eHealth staff currently engaged in the SDPR project into the SDPR Implementation Authority.

Members have reported that these changes are already occurring. However, in the meeting SDPR leadership asserted that no changes have been made yet. This is not consistent with members’ understanding of what has happened to date.

While there is little clarity at the moment, SDPR have scheduled an inaugural Joint Consultative Committee for 26 July. These peak meetings will be able to give the HSU and other unions some level of visibility into the changes that SDPR and eHealth intend to make. To ensure that we are as well informed as possible going into these discussions, please take the time to fill out this survey:

If you know someone who may be affected, but you are unsure if they are a union member, please feel free to forward them this newsletter and survey.

HSU eHealth Organiser Josh Dodsworth will be onsite at eHealth Chatswood on Thursday 11 July. Members will receive an SMS with further information on the day.

New members can join at or call 1300 478 679.