SNSWLHD Restructure Update

The HSU has prepared this newsletter to provide members with an update on our recent Report Back before the NSW IRC on Tuesday 10 November. During the proceedings before Commissioner Stanton, the parties outlined what the latest developments were concerning the proposed restructure of Southern NSW LHD.

We raised member concerns regarding the possibility that positions in the new structure were yet to be substantively graded, and that position descriptions were yet to be finalised. These concerns have been raised in our consultation discussions with the employer and again reiterated on Tuesday in the IRC.

During the Report Back, the employer stated that they were committed to the following:

  1. That positions would not be filled unless all positions were graded by the grading committees.
  2. That positions would not be filled until all position descriptions were completed for affected positions.
  3. That there will be an expansion in the number of Case Managers employed to assist all affected members.
  4. To work with the HSU on ways the union will be able to engage with Case Managers and members in this process.

These principles were later reiterated at a Union Specific Consultative Committee (USCC) between the parties on Wednesday 11 November.

The HSU would like to inform members that they are not to accept offers of positions unless the position is fundamentally graded, and a final position description is attached to the job.

Our next Report Back to the NSW IRC is set down for 12pm Monday 30 November 2020.