Southern IML Update


Your HSU Organiser Roy has again written to management requesting that they provide rosters two weeks in advance for ALL staff. It is the HSU’s understanding that only some sections of the business are receiving their rosters as per the conditions of the Award. Southern IML have until COB Wednesday 23rd of September to satisfy the union that they have rectified (or will rectify) the problem or we will file a formal dispute in the Fair Work Commission for breach of the Award.

Safety at Work

The HSU continues to hold considerable concerns about the safety of its members while at work. We are consistently hearing stories from members alleging that Southern IML have failed in their primary duty of care and will continue to raise them with management. If need be, we will take legal action and/or report the incidents to the relevant authorities.

Southern IML has a legal obligation to keep you safe and to rectify any workplace hazards that arise in the course of employment. Examples of breaches of this duty of care would include leaving staff alone in a carpark with the only toilet being in an abandoned building, or failing to provide a safe environment for collectors working alone in their centre by not having proper security doors, emergency alert systems and entry alert mechanisms.

You can read more about safety for isolated workers here.

Southern IML has a legal obligation to manage hazards and risks associated with working in pathology. Failing to do so is very serious. Your organiser Roy will be writing a formal report for management advising them of the breaches he has identified as part of his WHS inspections over the last few weeks. The HSU will enforce Southern IML’s obligations if they don’t immediately seek to rectify the problems.

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