Southern IML Update

Overtime Entitlements for Part Time Workers

Recently, your organiser Roy has received a considerable number of enquiries regarding overtime payments for part time workers who work more than their contracted hours.

If you work more than your contracted hours in a week you are entitled to overtime.

You should put these hours in your timesheet as overtime to be paid as such.

Dodgy Individual Flexibility Agreements (IFAs)

Recently, the HSU sought a resolution from Southern IML regarding dodgy IFAs that did not meet the requirements of the Award. This week, Southern IML agreed to rescind all IFAs that were recently distributed to staff. In addition, the company has agreed to write to affected staff members informing them that these agreements have been revoked due to their illegality.

Review of Wages for Lab Assistants

Last week, Southern IML agreed to perform a review of Lab Assistants’ wages. The HSU is of the opinion that no Lab Assistant who has worked for the company for longer than three months should be classified as a Grade One. Southern IML has agreed to report their findings back to the HSU by the 30th of November. In the event that the company chooses not to reclassify Lab Assistants, the HSU will continue to pursue this matter on behalf of our members.

The HSU will be actively pursuing reclassification for Lab Assistants who are HSU members. Think you might be getting underpaid? Join the HSU today at and fight for a better deal.