Southern IML Update

Survey Results

Recently your organiser Roy distributed a survey to HSU members at Southern IML. This is an important exercise as it allows your union to concentrate their efforts on issues that matter to you. The response from HSU members was fantastic as almost all of you took the time to have your say. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • 63% of respondents report having experienced bullying or harassment in the workplace
  • Only 53% of respondents feel comfortable talking to their supervisor about issues in the workplace
  • 90% of respondents feel that Southern IML doesn’t provide them with adequate training and career progression
  • 48% of respondents report that they are either ‘always’ or ‘usually’ too busy to do their work effectively
  • 85% of respondents feel that their contribution is not valued by the company
  • 91% of respondents feel that their pay and conditions aren’t fair considering the work that they do, with 95% of you agreeing that you deserve more than the award

It’s clear that a majority of HSU members at Southern IML feel underappreciated, undervalued and unsafe in their workplace. When asked to rank some key issues in order of importance this is how you responded:

  1. Higher pay
  2. Safety in the workplace
  3. Allowances for difficult and dangerous work (e.g. working outside in a COVID tent)
  4. Consultation on change
  5. Shift penalties and overtime
  6. Better leave rights
  7. Job security 

Your organiser Roy will be using this information to inform what issues the union pursues to best benefit members.

Safety at Southern IML

Illawarra Blood Bank: The HSU has been made aware of serious safety concerns at 35 Denison St Wollongong (Illawarra Blood Bank). The union is actively pursuing these concerns and is doing everything within our power to ensure the safety of our members.

You have the legal right to refuse to work somewhere you don’t feel safe. You cannot be punished for exercising this right.

COVID Tents in Summer: Some members who work in COVID Tents have raised concerns about heat in the lead up to summer. SafeWork and the HSU take ‘heat related illness’ seriously and will be actively monitoring this throughout the summer. There are no specific temperatures that are determined to be too hot to work, rather a worker has a right to cease work if they hold ‘reasonable concern’ that the heat may have a serious effect on their health and/or safety. Your employer cannot punish you or dock your pay for doing this, as long as you remain available to perform alternative work in a safe environment (i.e. going inside). You can read more about working in hot environments on SafeWork’s website here.

If you need help exercising your rights, contact your organiser Roy on 0409 393 295.