Sydney Delegates ban shift movements across sectors

  • Published November 13, 2020
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In a significant departure from normal practice, Metro management deployed crews across Sydney from South West Sydney to Haberfield. This was done in defiance of the SWEP enhancements that paramedics campaigned so long for. South West Sydney was at its 2020 SWEP levels but ‘over’ its 2010 out-of-date minimum operating levels.

This meant the community – who is paying for 2020 levels – had a depleted service, and the paramedics had yet another night shift of extreme work intensity to contend with. It’s time for members to take a stand on this issue. Constant work intensity shortens careers and shortens lives.

Sydney ADHSU delegates held an urgent meeting today and passed the following resolution without dissent:

This meeting of ADHSU Sydney delegates is angry that the Service depleted South West Sydney deployment levels and sent crews across Sydney to fill holes in rosters in areas that should normally be filled last night. This is a deviation from past practice. 

This is not good enough, the government has funded and planned for 2020 deployment levels represented by SWEP enhancements, these deployment levels should be honoured.

Paramedics are sick of wearing the consequences of a lack of resources and are sick of the constant work intensity that comes with being sent across town to other areas. It’s also unfair on our communities who also see their local ambulance resources depleted. 

On that basis, no ADHSU paramedic will agree to be sent across sectors in Sydney as of now. That is, there is now an indefinite ban on shift movements across sector boundaries, or from North Sydney to Central Coast.

This resolution is now in force and should be followed by all ADHSU paramedics. ADHSU members in other areas should not actively circumvent this industrial action.

If you are an experienced union member, please take the time to support newer members and remind them that nothing has been won in the past without workers taking a stand. If we don’t take a stand now, Ambulance Executive will continue to be allowed to let the NSW Ambulance Service go from once being a leader around the country to fast becoming the country’s follower.