The HSU Supports Transparency!

On Monday, the HSU sent out the draft minutes and action items for the District Joint Consultative Committee Meeting (DJCC) held on 9 September 2020, so members could see what issues were discussed and what issues were to be actioned.

Below is the response that the LHD sent after the newsletter was sent to HSU members:

I understand that the HSU has distributed a newsletter with the unconfirmed minutes and action sheet of the JCC.

I have checked with the TOR of the committee and draw your attention to Section 9 of the TOR:


The Agenda and supporting papers of the JCC are to remain confidential to the Membership, Staff in attendance and formal reporting structure unless specifically authorised for distribution by the Chief Executive.

Can you please review the distribution of the newsletter as my reading of the TOR is that the distribution through a newsletter does not abide by the TOR.

Incidentally the TOR will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

I would be happy to discuss as required once you have considered.

This response is concerning, as the LHD is essentially saying that what is discussed at the DJCC is to be kept secret from HSU Members. This goes against the principle of ‘genuine consultation’.

As a union, we believe in transparency. The LHD telling us we can’t share the issues that have been raised on behalf of members isn’t in keeping with our pursuit of transparency in decision-making by management.

The email to the HSU stated that the Terms of Reference will be discussed at the next DJCC. Before the next DJCC in December, we are seeking feedback from members on our push for transparency. Please take the time to fill out the survey and tell us if you support our push for greater transparency:

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