The NSW Premier's Bushfire Emergency Citation versus a pay rise

  • Published September 22, 2020
  • Industries

NSW Ambulance members recently received an email from the Premier’s Protocol Unit announcing a new citation called the ‘NSW Premier’s Bushfire Emergency Citation’.

It says: ‘The catastrophic conditions impacted life, communities, property and the environment on an unprecedented scale. The dedication, selfless actions and sacrifice with which so many responded will not be forgotten’ [Emphasis added].

This contradicts NSWA’s evidence in the recent IRC hearings on whether or not hardworking Ambulance Staff should receive a pay rise or a pay freeze this year. As reminder, NSWA Executive put on record that you deserve 0% because the fires are just part of the job for emergency services workers (and besides, you had access to special leave if your house was burning down). See previous newsletter here.

We congratulate members for all efforts during the fires (some of it ongoing), who should be proud of again going above and beyond for their community. On the other hand and for consistency’s sake, we assume NSW Ambulance Executive – if they self-nominated for the award – will not be displaying the citation nor wearing the embroidered Commemorative Cap. Otherwise there’s still time to change their evidence in the IRC and support a pay rise of at least 2.5% this year (fully backdated).

In the meantime, get involved in the Value our Service Campaign by speaking to your local ADHSU delegate.