Tributes pour in for HSU members

While we contend with the ongoing COVID crisis, it can sometimes be difficult to find hope. Working day after day to keep our community safe from the ravages of this virus takes its toll. But I want you to know that your work does not go unrecognised.

In fact, HSU members are attracting the highest praise, nationally and even internationally. As your Union, we want you to see how highly people think of you. Please watch this video to see their appreciation:

Your bravery and selflessness in this pandemic is the pride of a nation. Your HSU representatives approached famous politicians, leaders and sportspeople to record a brief message, and they were only too eager to oblige. Tanya Plibersek MP, Olympian Peter Bol, Paralympian Ellie Cole, and so many others – each of them is grateful for the sacrifice you have made.

Achievement in this life means many things to many people. For some, worldly success and money is paramount. For others, what’s most important is to be at the head of one’s field. But I think the most profound sense of achievement comes with helping others and protecting them from harm, and I’m clearly not alone.

Your Union will continue to champion HSU members, and I strongly doubt this is the end to the tributes we receive. Please take heart in the admiration you continue to inspire in others. With perseverance, we can reach our vaccination milestones, turn the tide against this virus, and get back to the business of kicking goals for health workers.