Union Win! Rosters at Southern IML

As you are aware, the Health Services Union has been in dispute with Southern IML in the Fair Work Commission regarding your rosters. The HSU has been fighting for fair rostering practices at Southern IML since the beginning. Rosters are important as they allow staff to plan their lives around their allocated shifts and achieve a greater work life balance.

At our last conciliation hearing in the Fair Work Commission, Southern IML was given a four-week extension by the commission to implement sufficient rostering practices to meet their obligations under the award. Yesterday at conciliation Southern IML reported back to the commission on their progress and have committed to providing rosters in advance for ALL staff. Today the HSU formally dropped this dispute as Southern has made considerable progress towards successfully providing a working roster to all staff.

All staff should now either:

  1. Have access to a supplied roster at their collection centre (if you are permanent and have a regular collection centre) two weeks in advance; OR
  2. Have a roster emailed or texted to them two weeks in advance (if you don’t have a regular collection centre or if you are casual/non-permanent)

Southern IML still has an obligation to meet the minimum standard of conditions set out in the award. The HSU dropping its dispute does not mean that Southern IML can simply go back to its old ways.

If you are not receiving your roster two weeks in advance please notify your supervisor AND your HSU organiser Roy Poynton ([E-Mail not displayed] / 0409 393 295). The HSU will continue to monitor this issue and if Southern IML reneges on its commitments we will not hesitate to take further action.