Union win! Staffing increase for Environmental Services at Concord Hospital

Members in the Environmental Services Department at Concord Hospital have won significant staffing improvements!

This win follows a recent work ban to highlight workload and fatigue issues.

The commitment to hire eight FTE positions is a promising development from management, with ads going up next week. This is as well as two recent additions that have been brought over from the closing Sydney Olympic Park site.

Additionally, several part time staff will be offered the opportunity to increase their hours so they can become full time.

This will accompany a fortnightly meeting between HSU delegates and local management to review task allocation and the way work is prioritised. These meetings have been established to give members input into how workflow is managed. 

Staffing issues are becoming increasingly common across NSW Health. Members from across Sydney LHD have approached the HSU about how this will impact patient care.

Porters and Cleaners at Concord Hospital have demonstrated you do not have to accept unsafe staffing levels. Standing together can make your voices heard!

If you and your colleagues want to do something about inadequate staffing in your area, contact your organiser Andrei on [E-Mail not displayed] or 0417 134 715.