PMBH Update: Air conditioning replacement scheduled

Dear member,

The HSU, along with the PMBH subbranch, has been advocating for members in the allied health and outpatient and fracture clinic areas of the hospital following reports that the air conditioning system had failed.   

As a result, the HSU has received correspondence from the PMBH that management will, from Monday the 4th of January 2021, be having a new air conditioning unit installed in the Allied Health/Outpatient Department. In the meantime, a temporary unit has been installed in the affected area and we are currently sourcing an additional unit.  

Further, management report that a Disruptive Work Notice will be advised to the site and works will be completed out of hours where required. 

Congratulates to the sub branch and members for raising this WHS issue. The HSU calls for members in the affected areas to monitor their workspace and to again contact the sub branch leaders or HSU if further assistance is required.

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 In Unity,

Gerard Hayes