Update on consultation at St Basil’s Randwick

Dear Member,

HSU members held a consultation meeting with St Basil’s management on 24 May 2024 regarding proposed roster changes at Randwick Home. 

The following matters were discussed and confirmed by the management team at the meeting:

  • The current number of the residents at St Basil’s Randwick is 110, including nine in respite care.
  • Rostered hours of LLO stream are not counted as ‘care minute’ required by AN-ACC funding.
  • The facility manager confirmed all vacant shifts are being backfilled.
  • There will not be any changes to the PDs of all streams of work as part of this change.
  • Workload management must be an agenda item at a regular staff meeting at least on a quarterly basis as required based on cl. 32.3 of your EA.
  • Staff meetings to be held monthly at Randwick Home.
  • Employees have an option to join the staff meetings online.  
  • Meeting minutes to be shared in a hard copy form and by email with all staff.
  • The feedback is an on-going process and employees are encouraged to share their feedback throughout the roster review process for the next six to nine months.
  • Extra shifts will be assigned fairly with everyone given an equal opportunity. Employees who have concerns are encouraged to approach the management team.
  • Individual consultation meetings should be held on request from employees.
  • St Basil’s is actively working with employees on casual conversion and contract review outside the conditions set out in the EA.

Since the final roster must be ready to go live on 11 June 2024, it is important for members to actively share feedback with management and through meetings. It is not too late to have an individual consultation meeting to discuss about concerns.

HSU members can contact their organiser Hyojung via email [E-Mail not displayed] to arrange representation for meetings.

Encourage your workmates to join the HSU. Together you have strength in your workplace. New members can join online at www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.