Update on COVID Trainees and Delayed Inservice

As everyone knows, 180 new grads were brought forward and trained in March this year to help tackle the COVID pandemic. This was an extraordinary feat that was made possible because of the dedication of Ambulance Education staff and their ability to respond to an immense and dynamic workload this year.

However, an issue has now arisen – namely, the fact that this class of P1Ts all need to return for training to become and be paid as fully qualified P1s. Typically, this occurs after 12 months, but the COVID class is being split over a number of months with some P1Ts not returning for their Inservice until as late as November 2021.

Ambulance’s excuse for this is because of the sheer number of P1Ts who need to be safely trained.

This creates an unfair divide between trainees, in which some members will be financially worse off than their colleagues with whom they began their Ambulance careers.

ADHSU delegates are still in discussions with Ambulance about this matter and has begun investigating industrial measures to protect workers from this arbitrary unfairness that financially penalises workers who have to wait up to 7 months longer than their classmates.

There was also the matter of the COVID trainees being told they would not be able to access their Annual Leave entitlements until they have completed their Inservice. Delegates have secured confirmation that all COVID P1Ts will be able to take their Annual Leave after 12 months of service as per the award.

We will endeavour to update affected members as the issue progresses.