Update on HSU Aged Care Work Value Case

HSU members have said it loud and clear – All aged care workers must be covered by the pay rise, the full 25% must be awarded and any increase must be implemented as soon as possible.

Yesterday we took this message to the Fair Work Commission and said that the case should be dealt with as quickly as possible, to make sure that every aged care worker gets a pay increase.

We have also called on aged care employers, through their representatives ACCPA, to support the HSU’s position, but so far they have not agreed.

It is completely unacceptable for aged care employers to stand in the way of an urgently needed pay increase and not support their staff.

If aged care employers don’t come to the table and support this increase, we will call a special campaign meeting of HSU delegates in early December to agree on a plan to put pressure back on the employers.

The challenges that aged care workers are facing at the moment are incredible. That’s why HSU members will keep fighting for this pay rise until we get it!

Here is a Channel 10 report from our press conference outside the Fair Work Commission yesterday, calling for an urgent pay increase across the sector.

Following yesterday’s hearing, the Fair Work Commission has today released a statement outlining the next steps in the case, which includes a further hearing on the interim decision on 13 February 2023. Unfortunately, this means that there won’t be any further decisions on implementation of the interim decision or further increases, until after February next year.

We need to keep up on the pressure on aged care employers and the federal government to deliver this pay increase for all aged care workers.

We will be in contact with all HSU members soon about the next steps in our fight for better pay.