Update: One-off payment for NSW Health workers

Following the HSU’s newsletter earlier this week, the Ministry of Health has now provided the Union a further update on the one-off $3000 bonus payment.

The first round of payments commenced in this week’s pay run as planned.

  • Around 99,000 staff received their one-off payment in this week’s pay run.
  • However, HealthShare have advised had an issue with the data file for payment resulting in an underpayment of the one-off payment to some staff. This issue centres around staff with unpaid maternity leave and/or leave without pay.
  • The cause of the underpayment has been rectified and won’t re-occur in future pay runs for staff yet to receive the payment.
  • HealthShare are writing to all staff affected by the error to inform them, apologise and advise that it is being rectified as soon as practicable. 

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Health has still not provided the date at which they will commence paying the 3% pay rise. The pay rise will be back paid to the first full pay period after 1 July.

Members who have questions or concerns in regard to the payment are strongly advised to consult the updated FAQs in the first instance.

If your query is not resolved by the FAQs, please get in contact with the HSU via [E-Mail not displayed] or call 1300 478 679.