Urgent survey: Food Services Workers Entering Red Zones?

The Ministry of Health wants food services workers in red zones!

For an appalling $5.50 per shift, it is proposed that food services workers enter red zones (airborne and droplet areas).  

Tell the Ministry what you think about this – complete the HSU survey now:

The Ministry are saying this is “voluntary” – but we all know that pressure will come from some members of management, nurses and other staff to enter red zones.

Why do the Ministry want to expose overworked food services workers to risk of infection? Can you imagine the consequences of an infected worker handling food?

It appears that the Ministry are saying that workers will not need to don and doff between green and red zones. This is different to the information that food services workers have been given.

Even now, there aren’t enough food services workers. Schedules are too tight and result in workers being constantly behind and having to stay back.

Tell the Ministry what you think about being “asked” to expose yourself to even more risk at work!

Food services workers care about their colleagues, patients, and the community. This proposal puts everyone at risk. Stand up and give your feedback.