Violent incident at PMBH: Update

As you are aware, five HSU members were severely injured while undertaking their jobs in the Emergency Department at Port Macquarie Base Hospital earlier this month. The HSU met with members and, with your input, has compiled lists of demands which were forwarded to management. These demands are intended for management to prevent or minimise similar incidents occurring again. 

One important demand from HSU members called for the Chief Executive of Mid North Coast LHD to commission a fully independent and external investigation into the incident that left the five members injured and the hospital without any security resources for a number of hours. To date, the demand has been ignored. Attached to this newsletter are links to the letter of demand and the subsequent response from the Chief Executive.

One of the demands that has been agreed to is that the Chief Executive meet with Health and Security Assistants. The LHD has been convening small group meetings with HSAs. These meetings have also been attended by your Organiser in support of HSU members. Each member who has participated thus far has voiced concerns and has called for immediate and effective changes. Members should be proud for speaking up in support of each other.

Late last week at an extraordinary sub branch meeting, members called upon the Minister of Health to intervene and commission a fully independent and external investigation involving the HSU. The HSU has issued the demand to the Minister, which you can read at this link, and is now awaiting a response. An update will be provided to members upon receipt of the Minister’s reply.

The HSU has reported the incident to SafeWork NSW and has called for the safety authority to investigate the incident as well. We urge all members to continue to report any risk that threatens your health and safety in the workplace.

Members who have stood against workplace violence and demanded action deserve to be congratulated for their actions. Continue to have conversations with each other about this matter or any other safety matter. If you know someone who isn’t a union member, encourage them to join today at or call 1300 478 679. When we stand together, our voices can’t be ignored.