VOTE NOW: Control Centre Officers escalate fight for award reform

  • Published June 27, 2024
  • Industries

This Tuesday, Control Centre officer delegates were set to meet with the Ministry of Health to continue award negotiations. However, delegates refused to engage in the meeting when told that the Ministry were too busy to meet in person.

So far, Control Centre officers have been party to pointless meetings with the Ministry. Members have provided them with clear justifications for the log of claims, but the Ministry keeps showing up to the table without any real progress.

Control Centre members are outraged by the Ministry’s behaviour. Every day, they carry out their jobs without even an opportunity to take breaks, feeling that the work that they do for the service and the community is not valued, while the Ministry can’t even show an interest in the safety and welfare of its workers.

Control Centre delegates convened to formulate actions to escalate their fight and force the Ministry to come back with a real answer. Again, these actions target management and KPIs, rather than the safety of paramedics and the community.

These bans are to take place starting Friday 28 June. Fill out the survey to vote on the proposed actions: