Vote outcome: Additional PTO safety bans

HSU PTOs keep fighting to improve their working conditions and ensure they are safe alongside the patients they assist.

As a response to HealthShare’s continued refusal to agree to award provisions for patient and worker safety, HSU PTOs have proposed safety-related bans.

In the recent survey put to members, HSU PTOs voted for these additional safety bans to roll out:

  1. As of 29 July 2024, HSU PTOs will decline to utilise any vehicle in their duties that does not contain a mobile workplace first aid kit. This kit must be supplied by a suitably recognised vendor such as St John Ambulance.
  2. From the first day shift, Monday 8 July 2024, all HSU PTOs will work for a maximum of two hours, complete the transfer of patients they have on board and then take a 20-minute fatigue break from all work activities until a reasonable, safe, and fair provision for fatigue management is included in our award.

Additionally, these indefinite safety bans in place since before COVID will continue:

  1. No single PTOs attending home addresses.
  2. No single PTOs after 18:00 or before 06:00. A reminder that PTOs are not to operate a stretcher solo.
  3. No multiloading patients where there is any risk of leaving a patient alone in the vehicle.
  4. Shift start time is shift start time. Any work duties, including commencement of shift checks or complex administration, will not be done before shift start time.