Wages Policy and Fix the Awards Update

The 1st stage of the HSU’s campaign to end the Wages Policy and Fix the Awards has wrapped up.

With almost 7000 survey responses, a huge number of public health HSU members have put forward what they want for a better and fairer health system. The recent 0.3% pay rise decision has demonstrated that the current system is broken, and the government must change the policy to ensure genuine negotiations occur.

With the Awards so out of date that they do not even reflect the work that most Hospital workers do, the government’s failure to change the policy is and should be a major embarrassment. With the survey responses being analysed, it is very important that the momentum of the campaign continues. We encourage all HSU members to print off or email to colleagues HSU flyers that can be downloaded here and here.

With so many public health staff still unaware of the wage freeze and out of date Awards, it is so important that we educate staff (especially new staff) and encourage their participation in the campaign. An essential component to the campaign is building the HSU membership. With majority membership we have the support to say to the NSW Government that the current wages and conditions are unacceptable.

Encourage your workmates to join online www.hsu.asn.au/join or phone 1300 478 679.

The campaign strategies now move on to pressuring the government to change their policy. Keep a look out for further campaign activities in the coming weeks. For more information on the campaign or if you would like any campaign materials posted to you, please email [E-Mail not displayed].