Westmead: Everyone deserves a safe and supportive workplace

With so many changes currently underway at both Westmead and right across Western Sydney LHD, we thought we would take the time to remind members to be kind and patient to each other, as everyone deserves a safe and supportive workplace. 

We know many members and other staff are under a lot pressure to meet deadlines for the new building or the Western Sydney restructure, and sometimes these pressures spill over and affect others within the team or department.

If you’re experiencing any behaviours like this and don’t feel that you can raise the matter directly with management, contact your local delegate or your HSU Organiser via email [E-Mail not displayed] or mobile 0425 181 361.

Your HSU delegates and representatives continue to represent and advocate on behalf of members to make sure that your concerns don’t go unheard.

Support the Union that supports you. If you know someone who hasn’t yet joined, talk to them about the importance of standing together. Joining is easy: just visit www.hsu.asn.au/join or call 1300 478 679.