Why are HSR Work Group negotiations taking so long?

As you would know, workers at Southern IML initially made their request to begin Health and Safety Representative negotiations on the 12th of February. The WHS Act states that Southern IML should have made meaningful progress and started to negotiate with you within 14 days.

This has not occurred.

In the 76 days since you first made your request, Southern IML has:

  • Hired two external consultants who are yet to make contact with the HSU; and
  • Sent you a letter complaining about having to negotiate.

This just isn’t good enough.  

Southern IML has today written to the HSU to propose that their pre-existing WHS committee structure be copied to develop work groups. They have not explained what workplaces will be in those work groups or what size they will be. Your HSU Organiser has asked them to provide this information so that we can get workgroups settled and HSRs elected.

p.s. Are you, or have you been, part-time in the last six years? You could be owed money in unpaid overtime. Register here so the HSU can investigate and fight on your behalf.