Your new pay rates at Thompson

Recently, staff at Thompson were asked to vote on a new enterprise agreement. Thompson provided you with a copy of the proposed agreement and with a separate document which listed additional higher pay rates. A copy of this document can be viewed at this link.

Thompson also said they were offering ‘2% wage increases for each year of a 3-year Agreement’.

However, Thompson now say they never intended these higher pay rates to be include in your enterprise agreement.

Instead, Thompson are asking the Fair Work Commission to approve the enterprise agreement which does not include these higher pay rates. Thompson say that this was made clear to staff and this is what you agreed to.

If Thompson is successful, the higher pay rates would not be legally enforceable, and Thompson could reduce your pay to the rate in the enterprise agreement. It also means that your wage increase might be less than 2% next year.

We want to ensure that everyone clearly understood what they were voting for.

If you understood Thompson’s offer to be the higher pay rates provided in the attached document, plus a 2% wage increase each year, please click here to add your name to the HSU petition.

Please also ask your colleagues what they understood the offer to be. If they agree, ask them to also sign the petition. The HSU will collate this information and will present this petition to the Fair Work Commission as part of our evidence to ensure you receive the higher wage rate. Your personal details in the petition will not be provided to your employer, Thompson.

If you have any questions, please contact the HSU office. We will keep you up to date as things progress.