Aged Care: Rally on the inside

  • Published June 15, 2022

Stronger together. United we are holding this new government to their election promises.

On Wednesday 8th of February, HSU aged care members from across NSW and ACT once again stood together on the stairs of Parliament house to hold this newly elected government to their pre-election promises.

Over 50 aged care workers stormed into the offices of our politicians in the nation’s capital to demand them to take action and support the aged care industry ensuring we have a livable wage.

Many of our members shared incredible stories about their long days at work, away from their own families taking care our most vulnerable.

There were stories about not having time off to recharge from unbelievably difficult days, having to work double shifts to cover for staff shortages, missing birthdays, anniversaries and personal milestones, these accounts even moved some politicians to tears.

Aged care workers know that enough is enough. We are at crisis point and a 15% pay rise will simply not cut it. It’s time for urgent action in age care.

Since the action that HSU aged care workers undertook at Parliament House, the Fair Work Commission has announced that aged care workers in care roles, RAOs and chefs are going to be receiving a full 15% pay rise this June 30 and it will not split over two years! But, we are not done.

The HSU will continue to fight for our members for the full 25% pay increase for ALL aged care workers!