Foundation House

Foundation House is a Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Rehabilitation Centre.

The HSU is proud to partner with Foundation House to ensure that members have access to the services provided by the centre. We believe that it's critical that a modern trade union act socially, as well as industrially. 

Foundation House provides a 28-day Residential Program, Outpatient Counselling, Assessment Services, Family Counselling and Support Group, Gambling Counselling and Support Groups, Relapse Prevention as well as a Gambling Program. It offers personalised treatment plans that are developed individually and take into account each client’s health, housing, education, work and life skill needs.

Foundation House’s aim is to introduce a person to themselves, with the hope that one day they may become friends.

If you would like access to this service, please contact the HSU on 1300 478 679 or email

More information about Foundation House can be found here.