Aged Care

The HSU is committed to establishing a stronger presence in the aged care and disability sectors to support HSU members.

The HSU will not be shying away from the many challenges in the aged care and disability sectors and we intend to let the employers know it.

Additional organisers have been employed at the HSU to increase our strength in the aged care and disability sectors and to look after you when you need it.

The specialist aged care and disability team is made up of experienced organisers and industrial officers and aims at communicating more effectively with members, engaging members on a daily basis and having an ongoing presence in your workplace. This means more regular visits by organisers to your workplace.

Aged Care

If you work in aged care, it is vital to make sure that the HSU is there fighting for you to get the best wage deal possible.

Is your existing agreement about to run out? Remember, Fair Work laws say that the employer must tell you when they want to bring in a replacement agreement. They will also talk about your rights to have a “Bargaining Representative”.


  • The HSU will be your bargaining representative unless you select someone else.
  • We can only help you if we know about it. Tell us when you receive the letter from your employer so we can let them know we are representing HSU members.
  • This way we can get in early and and start negotiating from day one.
  • You and your co-workers will be able to work with us and have the final say on what goes into any agreement.

Don’t leave it up to someone else. Ring HSU Direct (toll free) on 1300 478 679 and let us know what is happening.

Help us protect you in aged care by contacting your organiser and getting involved.


‘Delivering Decent Residential Aged Care: Funding the care elderly Australians deserve’