Change Aged Care

Aged care professionals deserve more than the scraps. They deserve a decent pay rise and we are going to fight for fair wages in aged care.


Aged Care is an Australian Issue

It affects Australians everywhere. From workers, to residents, to family members. Earlier this year, the HSU launched its Change Aged Care campaign, advocating for the Government to fix aged care once and for all. The campaign was multi-faceted, offering the perspective of different Australians and their experience with the aged care system.

Thus far, hundreds of thousands of people have interacted with the Change Aged Care campaign, including senior Members of Parliament. The support that has been received is heart-warming and gives us hope campaigning in the future. Aged care members: this success belongs to you.


The HSU Work Value Case

In November 2020, the HSU launched a work value case in the Fair Work Commission.

Our application is seeking to increase the rates of pay for all aged care workers covered by the Aged Care Award by 25% – this is the next step in our fight for 25. You can read more about the work value case here. 

It is time the Federal Government and aged care employers come to the table, and they will do so in the Fair Work Commission.

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The Federal Government has Failed to Deliver

$17.7 billion over 5 years is not the same as $10 billion every year.

The 2021/2022 budget was supposed to be the budget to fix aged care. This was the budget that we had been told would address the Aged Care Royal Commission recommendations, a once in a generation reform.

The Aged Care Royal Commission’s recommendations would cost $10 billion per year. The Federal Government has delivered less than half that amount, instead announcing $17.7 billion over 5 years.

This budget didn’t go far enough, and we didn’t see:

  • Support for the HSU Work Value Case in increase wages for the hundreds of thousands of aged care workers who have been undervalued
  • Support for secure, permanent employment
  • Minimum qualifications and recognition of the skilled aged care workforce
  • A sustainable funding model
  • Transparency on every dollar spent in aged care

Raising Our Voices In Canberra

On Wednesday 30 March 2022, we marched our way to our nation’s capital to ask our politicians - were they going to be on the right side of history and stop the aged care crisis? Standing at Parliament House are some of the most determined and dedicated people you will ever see. This is not only their fight, but a fight for all aged care workers for a liveable wage.

Our aged care members came in strength and spoke up with pride, love and dedication for the incredible work they. Many more wanted to attend but couldn’t because their workplaces are short-staffed and older Australians are relying on them. We spoke about the astonishing, hard work aged care workers do despite being greatly understaffed and dismally paid. We ask the government to commit to urgently address aged care wages so they can continue to provide the care our elders deserve.

Change Aged Care before it’s too late. Change Aged Care before we are forced to leave. Change Aged Care so we can have a liveable wage.

Change Aged Care Videos

Aged care affects everyone- the workers, residents and their families.

The HSU produced a series of short videos as part of the Change Aged Care campaign, about the aged care system from each of these three perspectives.